Manchester United ON THE BRINK of Champions League exit [FULL REACTION] | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas, Ale Moreno, Craig Burley and Don Hutchison react to the 3-3 draw between Manchester United and Galatasaray in UEFA Champions League – Group A. They also analyze the performance of goalkeeper Andre Onana and the chances of Erik ten Hag’s side of advancing to the knockout stages.

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29 comentarios en “Manchester United ON THE BRINK of Champions League exit [FULL REACTION] | ESPN FC

  1. @Oldfogey2014

    Another dodgey keeper….can’t see him surviving into next season if they get knocked out and fail to get into the top four because of Onana skins.

  2. @philiphancock8324

    We had the best keeper in the world last season, the team is performing well still but we're conceding too many goals now and its just down to onana he can't catch a ball to save his life he likes to make his job as dramatic as possible hes there for the image

  3. @BGjunior

    Galatasaray is just better than man u. Man u has 2 billion worth of players and can't even beat Turkish clubs when they basically have to 😂😂

  4. @kozhinismail4731

    The host said Bayern has nothing to play for 😅 bro doesn’t know Bayern don’t like to lose any group stage games and mark my word Bayern will play as hard as the first group stage game they played.

  5. @zhantacalm2568

    It wasn't a high quality match. I give them a better chance of getting than these guys and I am a Liverpool supporter. Old Trafford will get behind the players. They beat City and Liverpool there last season. The crowd was a big factor. Plus they seem to have luck.

  6. @user-nk6wk9yf1f

    Bench onana, offload him, de gea is much better than him or gv bayidir chance to play, eth fault get him, sack eth get zidane

  7. @rogan70

    But isn’t this what Utd have been doing for years now – taking good/great players and turning them into rubbish players 🤔

  8. @alantan8616

    Oh no…Man United lying bottom of e table with only 4 points…they must beat leader Bayern Munich in their last game n hope both e other two teams draw in another match to have slim chance to qualify to e KO stage!!! Can they make it happen!!??😢😢😢

  9. @aliyukabir7201

    Unfortunately we out,we cant beat bayern,i mean we can score bayern but they will always score that open net,So we out technically.

  10. @maxwell_lb7120

    Man united is the new benfica, why are we getting so hassled by mid table team. Just accept that theyre trash and let them rebuild.

  11. @Hipsters11

    This has been the longest loss of form I have ever seen in my life. Manchester United , it has been almost 10 years. We need you back at the top of football.

  12. @lloydmandava6219

    He could be selling these matches and getting money if you really think about these kind of mistakes are unacceptable

  13. @anitameinen8547

    It always makes me laugh when listening to Burley. Nothing seems to make him happier seeing Manu’s faults and demise. He simply exemplifies gloating when expressing his two cents worth. Any opportunity to critique Manu makes his day. Of course his remarks are always so enlightening. Keep up the ( great ) Burley. Just like your play on the field was. Lol

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