Jamie Carragher FURIOUS with handball rule after Newcastle draw! | UCL Today | CBS Sports Golazo

Our rules expert Christina Unkel explains why PSG were awarded a penalty against Newcastle, a rule that Jamie Carragher is left furious by. 🍿

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27 comentarios en “Jamie Carragher FURIOUS with handball rule after Newcastle draw! | UCL Today | CBS Sports Golazo

  1. @TheDaampo

    The difference is that these bums are paid by the PGMOL so they cant criticize the refs in the prem but for CL all of a sudden they criticize the refs

  2. @stephenphilipps3360

    Dumb decision if hes looking to defend Kolo Muani, obviously running back with his arm in that "position" cos of that. But yeah is just within rules, surely can change it though. And Im sure PSG fans would love the disagreement to it, might expect some of their fans to come out and defend the decision aha

  3. @cdplayz2417

    If that's a penalty like the women said why is it that uefa came out and apologised about the mistake and said is wasn't a penalty and stood the var official down from his next match.

  4. @mxbxm6953

    I say the rules should be simple, any use of arms either touching a ball or a player, such as pushing or pulling, should be called. And in the case of pushing or pulling, automatic yellow card. Also use VAR to yellow card players faking fouls

  5. @stevec5034

    Obviously next season it's not a penalty. We shouldn't have to wait for absolutely shambolic calls like this to change stupid rules.

  6. @gunit8315

    The idea of “unnatural position” is a joke. There is almost NO unnatural position for your arm/hand to be in when you’re playing a sport. You simply can’t move without your arm away from you

  7. @leethistlewaite4381

    My beloved Boro scored against Man Utd in a cup game via a handball, and I'm still dumbfounded at how that stood, I understand the change in the rules and how that affected it but it was so clear to me however unintentional that it was handball all day long, the natural/unnatural position excuse is just window dressing in my opinion, I was happy when it was given due to the many obvious ones that went against us, but howay, a jokes a joke, and some of these decisions are just that, a joke, let's get back to basics, VAR is more a controversy than anyone expected, when something is a hindrance rather than a advantage its time to go back to the blackboard as they say, UTB

  8. @mha10

    Genuinely curious…who is this lady saying it's a handball?

    Because literally EVERYONE including the referee team themselves say it was the wrong call.

    It's a mistake made simple as that. And consequences are that Newcastle won't likely advance past group stages.

  9. @brainwashedmaniac9330

    The ref didn't give psg the pen. But the VAR-room wanted a penalty. Has anybody checked if the room had bet on the game? 🤔


    All the defenders should start running round with the hands locked yo yhere sides. Show how ridiculous this actually is.

  11. @123juggi

    If the hand blocks the ball going into the net by an outfield player, Then all the direction of ball, how far the arm is from the body etc shouldn’t matter. All that should matter is a goal was stopped by a hand and so it’s a penalty. For everything else like the balls going up in the air but touches a hand on the way, then the circumstances should be looked out like was he holding his arm out or did it deflect of another body part first etc etc

  12. @pankajanthwal14

    It's remarkable to see how so many people in charge of interpreting rules and laws lack basic logic and reasoning skills. Once that left arm is out_, blah blah, _the penalty is the correct recommendation is outrageously poor reasoning by the expert here! If "once the arm is out" is all you needed then the rules WOULD HAVE SAID IF THE ARM IS OUT instead of saying if the arm is in an unnatural position . The very fact that the rule leaves it to the judgement of the referees makes the once the arm is out line of reasoning an incorrect interpretation! All you need to do to recognize the flaw in that interpretation is to imagine the impracticality of it requiring the defenders to run around near the penalty box like clowns with their arms tied to their bodies at all times – unappealing to watch unless you've got a thing for finding out new ways in which players can get injured.

  13. @DavidPickering-eo9el

    No one’s even talking about psg hand balling it when isac was 1v1 with the defender or the fact they added 8 minutes for nothing
    The referee should never be allowed to officiate any top tier game from now on in any league.

  14. @DavidPickering-eo9el

    The way football is going I wouldn’t be surprised before long if fans stop watching games and me personally think we should stop because we all sit here with these blatant wrong decisions acting like football isn’t corrupt and it’s just mistake after mistake. It’s blatant corruption!!
    It happens that often that you can’t even deny it anymore it’s every week!!
    Every week!
    Every single week and it’s been going on for months and months so let’s stop pretending that these refs don’t know what they are doing.
    We should hear what’s been said every single time from now on when the ref speaks to var.
    Next week we will make more excuses for the refs and var cos we are just thick! Simple as that!

  15. @facts3452

    The ref decided it was a penalty…move on. Newcastle got given a free win over Arsenal due to the refs decision. Now its their turn to suck it up and move on

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