20 comentarios en “How the Conference League Revived the Europa League

  1. Coltxplayz

    Still Conference made himself also an exiting league to watch because of the likes of Aston Villa, Fiorentina, LOSC and more❤❤❤

  2. Kamil Tuzik

    kid, champions league stop being champions league before you get on this world, now 5 clubs from spain play in this competition and champions of Poland are n Europa League, I don't watch champions league, it's a cheating what UEFA doing.

  3. GargantuanBreadfruit

    This came up on my feed today in 2023 and I thought, wow that's rude to assume arsenal are gonna get sent down right off the bat, then I saw the video's upload date 😂

  4. GeorgetheCameraman

    Unfortunately UEFA is planning to remove the possibility for teams to be reselected in the lower cup. They said that the teams that are in the UCL are too strong to compete with the majority of those in the Europa League and the same goes for the Conference

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