My dad and I predict the results of AC Milan vs Newcastle, Young Boys vs RB Leipzig, Feyenoord vs Celtic, Lazio vs Atletico Madrid, Man City vs Red Star Belgrade, PSG vs Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona vs Royal Antwerp, Shakhtar vs Porto, Galatasaray vs Copenhagen, Real Madrid vs Union Berlin, Bayern vs Man United, Sevilla vs Lens, Arsenal vs PSV, Braga vs Napoli, Real Sociedad vs Inter, Benfica vs Salzburg

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  1. eh why not

    My predictions
    AC Milan 2-1 Newcastle leao and Giroud
    Young boys 1-4 Leipzig
    PSG🤡 2-2 dortmund
    Shakhtar 0-2 porto
    Man city 5-0 red star
    Atleti 2-1 Lazio
    Barca 3-0 Antwerp
    Feyenoord 2-0 Celtic
    Real Madrid 3-1 union
    Galatasaray 3-1 københagen
    Bayern 4-1 man united
    Benfica 2-0 Salzburg
    Braga 1-3 Napoli
    Arsenal 3-1 psv
    Sevilla 2-1 lens
    Inter 3-2 real Sociedad

  2. oblivion

    what the hell are you on about thogden. you even went to the derby to watch it live at san siro, now you're telling me inter will bottle it. you dont understand shit about ball let me tell you. i'll come back to this video after the match

  3. Dat•boi•Skrilla

    Union Berlin will be very tough for Madrid. They played better football than Madrid it’ll be a draw or a 1-0 win for Madrid

  4. RefleX

    You guys don’t know anything about football. You don’t sack a manager when the ownership is the problem, you sack a manager when the losses become too frequent and we are 5 games into the new season. Expected better :/

  5. Ray2Future

    You're all amateurs. I'm the grandmaster of football predictions and here are my words of wisdom:

    Milan – Newcastle: 2-1

    Young Boys – Leipzig: 0-3
    PSG – Dortmund: 2-1
    Shakhtar Donetsk – Porto: 1-1
    Manchester City – Red Star Belgrade: 3-0
    Lazio – Atletico Madrid: 0-2
    Barcelona – Antwerp: 4-1
    Feyenoord – Celtic: 1-2
    Real Madrid – Union Berlin: 3-0
    Galatasaray – Copenhagen: 2-0
    Bayern Munich – Manchester United: 2-1
    Benfica – RB Salzburg: 3-2
    Braga – Napoli: 0-2
    Arsenal – PSV Eindhoven: 3-1
    Sevilla – Lens: 2-0
    Real Sociedad – Inter Milan: 1-2

  6. Gavin Hinchcliffe

    Kane has already played against an English side. Spurs played Liverpool in the ECL final in 2019. Definitely looking forward to it though. Good video.

  7. YouTuber user 2618

    Some people don't seem to realise Union Berlin's tactics, they are extremely similar to the likes of inzaghi
    Midfield and defensive movement don't work against these teams you need out wide forward crosses to strong physical players with good dribbling and fast ball movements to avoid the hybrid press or you just get pressed AF
    The problem with Madrid is they are not even going to play with a wide formation as a Milan fan i know how frustrating it is to go against hybrid pressing teams and the exact tactics to defeat them i don't think real madrid would be able to bend their tactics enough.

  8. Pegida Hogesa

    AC Milan vs Newcastle 3-1
    Young Boys vs RB Leipzig 1-3
    Feyenoord vs Celtic 2-0
    Lazio vs Atletico Madrid 1-1
    Man City vs Red Star Belgrade 4-0
    PSG vs Borussia Dortmund 2-2
    Barcelona vs Royal Antwerp 3-1
    Shakhtar vs Porto 0-2
    Galatasaray vs Copenhagen 2-1
    Real Madrid vs Union Berlin 3-1
    Bayern vs Man United 2-0
    Sevilla vs Lens 3-0
    Arsenal vs PSV 1-1
    Braga vs Napoli 2-2
    Real Sociedad vs Inter 1-2
    Benfica vs Salzburg 3-2

  9. Ryan Gaming

    Ac Milan 1-2 Newcastle
    Young boys 0-3 rb leizig
    PSG 3-2 Dortmund
    Shaktar 2-4 Porto
    Man City 6-0 red star Belgrade
    Lazio 2-1 athletico Madrid
    Barcelona 4-0 Antwerp
    Feyenoord 2-1 Celtic
    Real Madrid 3-1 union Berlin
    Galatasaray 3-0 Copenhagen
    Bayern Munich 2-3 Man united
    Benfica 2-0 rb Salzburg
    Braga 0-3 Napoli
    Arsenal 2-2 psv
    Sevilla 1-2 lens
    Real Sociedad 0-2 inter

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