ESCENAS: ¡Newcastle se clasifica para la Liga de Campeones de fútbol!

Los fanáticos en St. James’ Park estaban en modo fiesta cuando Newcastle United aseguró el punto necesario para clasificarse para la Liga de Campeones de la próxima temporada. . Con Football + Fitness en un solo lugar, hay más para amar en Optus Sport 👉 ========================== Para las últimas actualizaciones, síganos en : ►TIKTOK: ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►INSTAGRAM: Optus Sport es el hogar de la Premier League, LaLiga, J.League, FA Women’s Super League y FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. #OptusSport #PremierLeague #NEWLEI

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38 comentarios en “ESCENAS: ¡Newcastle se clasifica para la Liga de Campeones de fútbol!

  1. Johnathan Jones

    They won’t last long in the champions league and they will find it difficult in the champions league

  2. Zak Kazi

    Bravo Newcastle Utd. Simple recipe – Excellent coach + good hardworking players + loyal fans = Success.
    Well done Eddie and the team. The fans were great throughout the season.

  3. Sofina Stockwell

    It’s too early for Newcastle they aren’t ready yet for the CL, they should have started off at Europa Conference and then worked their way up. They will be out in the early rounds, they don’t have the experience or the players.

  4. brin Joness

    Wrexham got a trip to Vegas, I sure hope Newcastle get a trip to the party capital of the world. Riyadh is good enough for Ronaldo

  5. ـ

    Congrats to all the fans and thank u SAUDI ARABIA for ur great contribution to make this dream comes true 🤍👏🏼

  6. Hein Minthu

    City celebrated with Pl trophy
    United celebrated with Fa cup
    Newcastle celebrated their champion league ticket after 2decades, Another team are 😅😅

  7. Bryn Hughes Williams

    Well done Newcastle great club brilliant manager and a board that has stood by him .from a leeds fan

  8. Matthew Micheletti

    Well done, wor Eddie. The saddest bit is we could’ve achieved this if Mike Ashley just cared and invested a notch above bare minimum. Instead we’re stuck with murderous despots.

    In any case they’ll eventually fcuk off or stop killing journalists and LGBTQ and we’ll still be here

  9. Unknown Unknown

    Yes congratulations to Eddie. But why ain’t no one congratulating the Saudi owners. They made Newcastle what it is right now.

  10. Arjun Vincent

    I think Eddie howe can be the first English manager to win the premier league if Newcastle board back him in long term.

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