¿Por qué el Manchester City no tendrá una insignia de la Liga de Campeones aunque gane?

¿Por qué el Manchester City no tendrá una insignia de la Liga de Campeones aunque gane? La notable actuación del Manchester City a lo largo de esta temporada ha dejado atónitos a los fanáticos que esperan con ansias el choque final de la Liga de Campeones contra el Inter de Milán. La anticipación y la emoción que rodea la cima del fútbol europeo han alcanzado un punto álgido, pero parece haber un giro enigmático que acecha debajo de la superficie: ¡la tanda de la Liga de Campeones! 🟡SUSCRÍBETE A: ▶️ Gol 90 – Canal de Youtube en español: 🔴SIGUE NUESTRAS REDES SOCIALES: ▶️ Sitio web: ▶️ Instagram: ▶️ Twitter: ▶️ Facebook: ▶️ Podcast: ▶️ TikTok: Si tienes algún problema con los derechos de autor, no taches este video, solo envíeme un correo electrónico (goal90yt@gmail.com) y eliminaré este video de inmediato o buscaremos otra solución. «Descargo de responsabilidad de derechos de autor En virtud de la Sección 107 de la Ley de derechos de autor de 1976, se permite el «uso justo» para fines tales como críticas, comentarios, informes de noticias, enseñanza, becas e investigación. El uso justo es un uso permitido por el estatuto de derechos de autor que de otro modo podría infringir. El uso sin fines de lucro, educativo o personal inclina la balanza a favor del uso justo». NO TENGO NINGÚN DERECHO DE AUTOR

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41 comentarios en “¿Por qué el Manchester City no tendrá una insignia de la Liga de Campeones aunque gane?

  1. Lwando Madikizela

    For the team to get a number badge, the club either wins the Champions League 5 times like Madrid, Milan, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Barcelona or do a 3 peat like Ajax despite winning the title 4 times. Manchester City needs to win the Champions League 5 times(or 4 times should they beat Inter next month) or do a 3 peat which is very unlikely in today's football climate to get a number badge. City can however get the title holder badge.

  2. Mythix

    To be fair, while i respect the badge and the clubs they have them, i have never actually liked it on kits.
    I understand what it means and how difficult it is to get it and all the clubs that have it deserve it hands down, but it just looks bad on kits in my opinion, i have always been a big fan of the stars i.e Bayern Munich.

    I don't know the rules for this specifically, but if City do win, I much prefer them to put a star above or below the badge as a sign of the titles won.

    All together the commentator is right, i could not care less about what to do if we win all i care about is actually winning the long sort after trophy, that would mean more to mean than some badge.

  3. Mural

    the golden one you get for winning the club World Cup is what people want anyway, its by far the best looking one

  4. Abade Valentine

    no one cares if city gets the champions league badge we just want to see this team finally lift the trophy they deserve it they did it on the pitch

  5. Ingerland

    You’ve not done your research, what you’re on about is for the number and UEFA have changed the way the badges work in the 2021/22 season, there is only one patch on it, City will get the Holders badge but with no number

  6. Ezra Ezra

    In World Cup, there was a similar circumstances where a winning country had the golden shield with a World Cup trophy in it, as well as a small golden stars on top of the football federation's logo, representing how many World Cup wins for specific countries ever had. This tradition started when Italy won the 2006 edition. Argentina now wears this kind of badge during the FIFA matchday as well as having 3 golden stars on top of AFA's logo.

  7. Nick

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  8. Amal Xasan

    Manchester City has to win a treble. Manchester City can have another chance to get the badge. Well, it might be hard to win the UCL 3 times. But, the squad will probably have the energy they had after winning the Premier League to win the Champions League 3 consecutive times. And still, that would be crazy to see them lift the trophy with the younger players. That is why I think it's possible for Manchester City can get the UEFA Champions League badge.

  9. Rhxdi

    Not sure if this is a rule, Chelsea have a badge yet they’ve only won it twice, and not in a row, in fact they were 9 years apart

  10. zac

    Hi Goal 90 I am love your videos I am from south africa and a huge fan of your vids they are amazing your research is well done good luck for futre videos just know there fire🥶🥵🥵😅🤣🥹😍🤩🥳

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