Manchester City y Pep ganarán la UEFA Champion League – Premier League – FA Cup🏆 Reseña de Ian Wright

Manchester City y Pep ganarán la UEFA Champion League – Premier League – FA Cup🏆 Reseña de Ian Wright

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43 comentarios en “Manchester City y Pep ganarán la UEFA Champion League – Premier League – FA Cup🏆 Reseña de Ian Wright

  1. John Prosser

    Have ruined Football….. And give Newcastle a couple more windows and they will be the same.
    City and Newcastle are not big clubs…… They're rich clubs that have financially destroyed football forever.

  2. Jason Bel

    Once pep goes
    Man City will become average
    The only reason Man City are doing well is the Barcelona way he used when he was winning in Spain . Well done Pep 👍🏻

  3. Alex Perotti

    A bit too early to write off Inter. It seems that everyone expect a walk in the park. Trust me, it wouldn't be anything like that.

  4. Colin Says it how it is

    Pep up his own arse ? Of course if he don’t win champ league he is a Failure, after all the money spent and many many rules broke

  5. 1ne Minute Bonk3rs

    The Scary part is, what happens when PeP lefts?
    I am a Cityzen and I give all the credit of the success to Pep instead of the Sheikh's money.

  6. Nicholas Good

    Come on we have all the guns 🙂 keep going dont sell Saka … We need to keep building…. Great season played some beautiful ball

  7. Mancunian


  8. Tevan Patrick

    As an Arsenal fan, you got to admit that City deserve it based on how they play and win games. They brilliant. I can see them win the treble and will probably go on to win next years PL title to make it a record 4 in a row

  9. jason poland

    I think people will be more surprised if they don't win the treble now. I know they still have 2 finals to play but the level they are playing at is far beyond anyone else in the world

  10. Love football

    Media is slaughtering united and united fans because we want sheikh JASSIM but they are praising city and Newcastle for having owners like that, it is simple
    Man city is the best in the world because the have the best owners , best manager and best players easy as that

  11. dBrainChilD

    Yeah,no ,City will be so disappointed come June 10 th in Istanbul. They will lose to INTER MILAN GREETINGS FROM MILAN #4

  12. Nicla&Paolo Mantovani

    British commentators have systematicaly written off Inter from the round of 16. I'm loving it. FORZA INTER 💙🖤

  13. aboo5544

    Arsenal was on the top of the table for more than 240 days, while city only 28 days….!
    City's desire and hunger for win matches is seen in UCL semi finals…
    Congrats city. Really entertained us this season

  14. The Little Signpost Pointing the way

    I have supported City since 1966, but now this is the best we have ever seen! I am so proud of the guys! BTW: I wonder who gives Pep a Pep talk?

  15. farhan8000

    I’m a man Utd supporter and I will say, Arsenal were the best team in the premier league this year. Young team and pressure got into them. Congratulations to man City, they were the most consistent team (not the best). The soccer Arsenal played this season was thrilling and enthralling! With Man united on the up, next season I’m already looking forward to it. Between City, United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea; winning the PL might be the hardest 2023/2024.

  16. Northern Soul Is My World

    What I want to see next season is Man United and Man City both playing out of their skins; the greatest rivalry ever witnessed, but first, I'm hoping and praying City achieve that treble so that every football fan in Europe knows England has the greatest team in the world, a team that has displaced the likes of Bayern, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The quality of Mann City will raise the standards of every Premier League side, and that can only be good for English football in general–we need more quality homegrown players, and I think that will come because players know they must raise their game to reach the higher bar City have set. 
    I'm sure Liverpool will bel firing on all cylinders again next season, and Newcastle supporters are so amazing every neutral and myself wants to see them go from strength to strength, and finally it looks like they are on their way to achieving the greatness they deserve!

  17. anjillo

    His extremely stupid to write off inter …. I cannot believe this people say this … how come he played football….
    You never know it’s football…. Same thing he said about final city and Chelsea before

  18. Northern Soul Is My World

    Pep is the only manager who would guarantee England the World Cup; keep that in mind for future reference!

  19. Tenna Shitarek

    MC deserves the PL cup. In fact Arsenal handed over the cap to City by losing to NF. It seems that the cup is kept high up out of the reach of children.(Arsemal).

  20. Pearce McConkey


    "I think they can go on and win the treble now"

    "I see them as a better team than manchester united at the moment"

    Amazing takes

  21. Northern Soul Is My World

    If Man City don't win the Champions League this time it would be one of the the biggest shocks in football history; no team in Europe deserves it more, they are unquestionably the best team in Europe right now, possibly in the world, so anything less than the treble would be a disappointing end to the season!

  22. Fader

    Not sure what Ian wright is talking about the mentality thing but he has always been a low-key hater of city so it’s very satisfying to see him eat his words 😂

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