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46 comentarios en «UK vs. USA FOOTBALL CHANTS! *im not proud* (American Reacts)»
  1. They're basically all well-known songs, so everyone already knows the tune and the format of the words. It's then easy to pick up the alterations. You just heard a version of "…3 men, 2 men, 1 man and his dog (woof!) went to mow a meadow." There was also Guantanamera ("Man or a woman?"), La Donna e Mobile ("We want our dick back!") and of course The Addams Family.

  2. 10:31 John Terry a Center back for Chelsea (the team in blue in the clip) was found guilty of racially abusing QPR player Anton Ferdinand in 2011 and served a 4 match ban and received a hefty fine. That's why the away fans were chanting "Where's your racist center half?"

  3. Fight and win… bloody awful was THAT?? I believe that we will win…… incredibly uninspiring…I believe that this was crap…… there may be lots of things the USA can do well…however, football chants are not among them……………

  4. It's a shame American MSL clubs never play English league teams. Can you imagine that guy with the microphone at Millwall or Leeds or Man united? LOL. He'd get verbally and mercilessly slaughtered. "Who's the Wa***r, Who's the Wa***r, Who's the Wa***r with the mike, Who's the Wa***r with the mike!" And that's before a ball has been kicked.

  5. The "bar-be-que" one isn't even American, they just nicked the classic footie song "Vindaloo" and reworded it. Shame!
    With regards to the other US chants; the "I believe that we will win" one seems okay for a tame, family friendly sports chant, and I did think the "you're not singing over there" was a good, but also fairly tame, taking the piss of the other side type of chant. The rest were just cringe.

  6. Most of these are on the spot chants, but you should check out the Club songs that are decades old. i.e. Liverpool "You'll never walk alone " West Ham " i'm forever blowing bubbles "
    Southampton "when the saints go marching in " . Most clubs have one, and they alone put US chants to shame.
    Our Cricket's Barmy Army do the same 🙂

  7. Lol in order to have a good chant they have to copy Vindaloo and they ruined it by saying three more other then one more. The elephant man is a person from the Victorian era who had some disease or multiple I dont think we even know what it was to this day basically it messed up his body and face basically calling Costa a freak.

  8. In the UK football is religion! We are passionate and that can’t be beaten. We just crack on and booze helps! Never forget going to Sunderland away! New Year’s Day! Froze our arses off, couldn’t feel my feet, had my very young twins with me who were frozen, got whooped spectacularly and booed off the pitch by Sunderland fans for leaving early 🤦🏻‍♀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  9. Loving the daily uploads my man. You need to stay consistent and stop being a lazy fucker. LIterally react to any video a day and you will smash it bro. Keep the grind up and i hope to see them views flying up because you are a real one. Big up from the UK

  10. Not really a fan of either football or american football. Way too much testosterone oozing for me. My fave sport to play and watch is tennis. Sure you can get partisan crowds but they always appreciate good shots or a nice rally.

  11. Most chants are just known and are particular to a certain football club. There is no lyrics handed out or rehearsal. The barbeque song that you liked is actually a take off of a British football song Vindaloo which makes no sense but is just our sense of humour, and all English know all the lyrics too. Check it out 😁

  12. Football is sanitised and are in the UK there are very few clubs there are still old school. At millwall there are no popcorn no flags no happy clappy shit! Just pure passion! kasey keller played for usa and we was the first club in England he played for. Millwall legend

  13. A lot of the chants in the UK are based around events and news relating to players, managers and refs etc so frequently bang on point. Some are learnt in pubs before matches but the majority come from one person making something up on the spot and shouting out loud and the rest pick it up pretty quickly. We are not slow learners over hear and do not need someone up front with a couple of players short of a team, spouting whatever you call it. The big difference between the US and UK crowd is enthusiasm in uniting behind the chant . If any of your guys were at a match with ours they would getting absolutely slaughtered and I am not referring to action on the pitch 😉

  14. Americans just don't get it because they are all about being pro themselves. Their team. Whereas us brits enjoy nothing more than collectively bringing our opposition down. We'd rather be neg about another team than be positive about who we support

  15. The English ones are much better, but for a valid reason. American sports tend to be very family oriented, so the chants are very clean. Culturally, English stadiums (ia) are for working class blokes, and so the chants match this, they are more… lets say direct and comedic lol

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