lun. Nov 29th, 2021

Derby Manager, Wayne Rooney, reacts to the 3-2 win over AFC Bournemouth this afternoon.


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21 comentarios en «MATCH REACTION I Wayne Rooney – AFC Bournemouth (H)»
  1. Can I just say thankyou wayne . Your emotion bleeds Derby County and Football in general.
    You really have what it takes, and please let it be us that takes you there and we reach those heights together.

  2. Behind everyone at the club every step of the way. Cannot fault the effort and the heart. We even have that bit of quality to cause any team in this division a boatload of problems. Always been proud to be a Derby fan, and even if we go down this season, knowing that we have fought every step of the way I couldn't be prouder. If we stay up, it'll be one of the most remarkable achievements in English football. COME ON YOU RAMS!

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