lun. Nov 29th, 2021

Snow and freezing temperatures of around -11C are set to bring the unseasonably mild weather to an abrupt end next week.

The mild weather the UK has experienced throughout November is expected to continue over the coming days.

But by the end of next weekend, the temperatures will start to fall as freezing Arctic winds take a grip bringing sub-zero temperatures.

WXCharts show temperatures could plunge to as low as -7C to -11C during the week of November 23 with the frostiest conditions in the far north of Scotland.

Scotland is likely to see snowfall from Sunday, the agency predicted.

Snow is expected to start from November 24 in the Grampians and the Highlands before moving down the country over the coming days and by the end of the month, it is likely to cover parts of northern England and North Wales.

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  1. At least robbing swine energy companies will be happy and the government will get millions more V-A-T on bills.Climate change is a load of bollocks.Its the trillions they will lose worldwide on energy bills thats bothering them.

  2. It's possible, wildlife indicates it by it's behaviour and the geese arrived quite early at the wetlands compared to recent years, the biggest cause is a long drop off in international flights and thus CO2, just like the weather change after 9/11 but we shall see as it's often scaremongering to get views.

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