lun. Nov 29th, 2021

Watch Michael’s stand up comedy special Showman, streaming now on Netflix!

Twitter: @McInTweet

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  1. As an American I will say that I usually duck under the ropes (I'm too short to go over). I'm very good at it, generally. I used to try the unhook method, but too many of them got away from me in a very loud and attention-grabbing way, so now I just duck and scoot. 🙂

  2. Tip for when your pants get stuck around massive dancer calves – point your toes. If you point your toes your calf muscle shrinks in a bit and it makes it easier to pull the trouser leg down. This is also how I zip into tall boots. It shifts the muscle around just enough to smooth things out.

  3. I honestly love him, makes me smile and all warm inside every time. Never liked comedy before him. I'm very disabled bedbound so I'll ever get to see him live, but I thank him for being so bloody wonderful! Funny guy!

  4. Im watching this 2021 late September. I think this routine will be one of the LAST I see, and the many people who cant take the Covid vaccine.
    I have a sense, the World Attitude will have changed so much by 2022.
    Already there is Shame, guilting , segregation and more, -towards those of us who not only dispute the 2-3 vaccines, but all the follow on booster shots. Its the dubious info on the immune system being 45% less effective with Pzieser and somewhat more effective with Astra Z.
    No one speaks of moderna and its efficiency after months.
    Why does the Flu injection not. Work similarly.
    I think Attitudes will change.
    From Superior shaming by the vaccine flood.

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