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The British government has denied allegations of hypocrisy after three Black English footballers were targeted with online abuse. Racist social media posts were directed at Marcus Rashford, Jaydon Sancho and Bukayo Saka after their missed penalties helped Italy win Sunday’s Euro 2020 final. But players and campaigners have called out the government for fueling the abuse after comments about players taking the knee.
After the hate came the love. A mural of England player Marcus Rashford is now covered in well wishes, after it was defaced following England’s Euro 2020 final loss to Italy.
These are the true England fans. One girl leaving a note that read «Keep up the good work Marcus Rashford» – support echoed by many.
Rashford was one of three Black England players – alongside Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka – abused online for missing penalties in the final’s shootout.
And UK prime minister Boris Johnson also joined in the condemnation. But the UK government – happy to be associated with the team’s success – has faced calls of hypocrisy.
England defender Tyrone Mings had a message for home secretary Priti Patel. Writing on Twitter:
«You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labelling our anti-racism message as ‘Gesture Politics’ and then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against happens.»
That after Patel had publicly criticized players for taking a knee.
Anti-racism campaigners say the government must bear some responsibility for how fans behave.
In the meantime, England’s players will continue to fight racism — both on and off the pitch.


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24 comentarios en «UK PM Boris Johnson under fire over response to racial abuse of footballers | DW News»
  1. Wait wait wait a bunch of people known for rioting and beating up people wearing the wrong team colors are now hurling abuse at people who are wearing the wrong skin color?!?!? Too bad it's impossible to predict that violent tribalism and racism are intimately connected… Oh wait

  2. The reason why l hate European & World Football tournaments. Suddenly people becomes nationalist & even football experts. Bringing people together? Nope, they go against each other. I love the game of football – but during the events it's all spoiled.

  3. Racism is a worldwide issue, but particularly evident in Europe and the USA. An education wide campaign in Europe with a 10 or 20-year commitment from all those countries would help to undo long seeded racism and superiority complex of many Europeans. The irony is that our mitochondrial DNA comes from Africa. Every one of us has the gene from our first African mother.
    It is going to be hard to undo long-held beliefs that have been propagandized for several centuries now. Thankfully, I think young people are more aware that we are all one human race and most people are not racists. The problem is that the racist minority is very loud, hurtful, and vicious. It is their inferiority complex and their inadequacies that fuel all that hate. Sad.

  4. instead of taking responsibility for its own COMMUNITY/NATION's values, principles, inherent biases, actions, History, Legacy, and BODYCOUNT… AUTHORITARIAN NATIONALISTS on BOTH SIDES are SEEKING an EXPANSION to GOVERNMENT POWERS over their own COMMUNITY'S mouths and fingers… rather than TRULY impact the EVIL that social media spreads… CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

    The BRITISH GOVERNMENT wants to tax tech companies for the content of its CITIZENS while turning a BLIND EYE to CHILD PORNOGRAPHY… probably because all the individuals we're speaking of hold conference calls and taxpayer funded cocktail parties… instead of shutting down their wicked rotation of PUBLIC and PRIVATE institutional membership…

    for pure PERSONAL gain. and along the way, they receive some degree of SEXUAL GRATIFICATION, knowing they aren't doing their jobs

    to the result of MASSIVE AMOUNTS of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY being hosted on servers accessible to EVERYONE

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