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So why is British Basketball so bad? Is it just the fact that Team Great Britain are doing poorly at an international level, or is it down to a poor BBL British Basketball League? Does anyone actually play the sport over here, is it lack of participation or is there something that the media doesn’t want to explain to you? Ninh explains why Basketball in the United Kingdom sucks.
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21 comentarios en «🏀 Why British Basketball Sucks – United Kingdom – Ninh explains…»
  1. I mean, the better question is, why don't the British or English win in their own sports they created like Football and Cricket? Not trying to sound rude or mean, but it's a statistical fact, that kinda blows my mind. Only 1 world cup win and no Euro League Championship wins for a nation that's OBSESSED with Football. Most in Britain probably see Basketball the way American's see (world) Football, they couldn't care less.

  2. Basketball is basically Association football (without midfield play of course) and using your hands instead of your feet given what Association football means to your culture I can see how this could happen

  3. We have a BBL in Australia too, but it’s a cricket big bash league, which is the 20 twenty format

    And out basketball league is called the NBL, and I say it pretty decent, but there’s one problem they can’t decide what channel to have a broadcast contract with.

  4. A similar thing happened to Irish basketball in the 90s, at one stage it was the fastest growing sport in the country until the Irish basketball association got greedy. Now nobody plays it, makes you wonder what things could have been like if the hype continued.

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