mié. Jul 28th, 2021


One on my very first times out filming , at bristol city FC
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35 comentarios en «Re-UPLOAD HARASSED AT A FOOTBALL MATCH | Bristol City FC»
  1. I feel that the question asked was disrespectful and the officer that asked should be spoken to by someone higher up with regards to "accusation" inference. It is "interesting" that in today's cameras everywhere situation that the police (and jumped up others!!) are questioning why someone is filming.
    It will be / would be ironic that some film footage such as done here, at a later date, was found to contain something useful to adding / solving a crime of some sort.

  2. A list of convicted police officers and the crimes they committed… SHOCKING!!
    You won’t see John Apter the chairman of the Police Federation on the BBC News, Good Morning Britain or This Morning, discussing this list and answering the question “why should the public trust the police“

  3. DURING THAT INTERACTION THOSE , UNIFORMED THINGS ACTUALLY INSULTED , OFFENDED, INSINUATED ETC , such as being =not normal? a pervert, a terrorist, etc. assumptions and innuendo abounding from those things harassing and intimidating a man with a camera. ,,,,,,,, = misuse / abuse of authority .

  4. Every building has someone responsible for it's security, if you stand outside anyone's building at take photos the police will be called. Why don't you try it on your neighbour's houses? If you neighbour comes out, tell them to call the police. You will get the same answer, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SECURITY OF THIS BUILDING, what is this halfwit doing??

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