mié. Jul 28th, 2021

Crowds have gathered at Marcus Rashford’s mural in Withington, Manchester, which was defaced following England’s loss in the Euro 2020 final. The mural’s artist, Akse, was able to paint over the graffiti on Tuesday, by which point it had been covered by hundreds of notes from well-wishers

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Manchester shows support for Marcus Rashford: ‘It’s evolved into something special’ ►

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12 comentarios en «'He's an inspiration': crowds gather at Marcus Rashford mural in Manchester»
  1. This is what England is all about. We come together at times when we feel vulnerable and underfire. This is what the rest of the world unfortunately don't see about our nation. We stand together no matter what the colour.

  2. The behaviour of some is truly quite saddening. Even worse that those that conduct themselves in such a way, do so in secret and hiding anonymously. Clearly they know what they are doing is wrong and unlawful or they would more brazen. Cowardly is the only word that can describe such people.

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