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Sunday was a big step forward in the potential arrival of a European Super League. Twelve clubs released a unified statement late in the day announcing their intention to begin play in the new competition as soon as possible. The response has been universally negative, with statements from major footballing bodies vehemently condemning the potential league and even threats of players on those teams being barred from national team competitions. ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti, Nedum Onuoha and Julien Laurens react to the news and examine the impact of a potential Super League.

0:00 The 12 teams currently committed to the competition are: Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus.
0:18 Dan Thomas reads UEFA’s statement cautioning potential entrants into the Super League that they could face banishment from other competitions.
0:59 Marcotti explains why the clubs interested in joining a Super League are not happy with the state of the UEFA Champions League.
3:19 Laurens says talk of a Super League feels different than it has in the past, and Sunday appears to be the start of an intense poker game between the parties involved.
4:47 Onuoha doesn’t think the Super League will happen, but says he’s not against powerful clubs pushing back against footballing bodies like FIFA and UEFA.
6:09 Marcotti says the poker is over, and he assesses what he calls a «philosophical issue» with clubs wanting to remain in their domestic leagues but also play in a breakaway competition.

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  2. not only will they not get more money they might not be allowed in the comp next season and a points deduction.. they knew it hit or bust.. money was not the motive
    edit the streets doesn't forget nedum onouha supported this farce

  3. I want to see a super league. I want to see the top teams fight for top 6. We will get to see amazing match up s vs top teams twice! Home and away. Champions sometimes u don't get to see ur dream match because it all depends who gets through the next round. In super league every single top team will play against each other twice to try to be in the top 6 and not only that super league also offers a knockout stage between those top 6 clubs and one true champion. This is the best entertainment anyone could ask from soccer!

  4. I don't support ESL at all, but I understand these clubs' need to recover from this great economic depression. UEFA must do something of a help bcz they are already in huge debts.
    And, as a Madridista I only wish my Presi and my team to not be termed as scapegoats.🤷 Viva Football 💙, Hala Madrid💜.

  5. Please don't try to call it the "AMERICAN Super League" that's really *F—D-UP.
    1. American owners were three/3 out of the 12.

    2. The fans in the MLS DIDN'T LIKE THE SUPER LEAGUE EITHER. WHY? they were aware of the origins of SOCCER/FOOTBALL as well.

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  7. I am kinda excited for Super League, but I am that inferior international fan who never was in person at Manchester City game. The one aspect I have problem with is that the founding members have guaranteed place in Super League. I would prefer that each year weakest 2-4 clubs would be relegated from Super League to Europa League and the best 2-4 clubs from Europa League advance to Super League. And domestic success only guarantee spot in the Europa League, so club must prove their self internationally before having the change of playing in Super League.

  8. Do away with champions league and create super league with relegation promotion system. All leagues involved in champions league promote top 3 teams to start super league to unite European soccer. Would be great. Just a lot of travel involved.

  9. people supporting FIFA and UEFA really shows how we've been brainwashed in a lot of things that we get used to it without considering anything that could even be better or different ,imagine if someone was getting the bigger part of your earnings ,i am sure if there is a way out none of us would hesitate ,

    let us stop this nosense and hear first what ESL brings to the table before we even start bashing them ,

    at the either UEFA,FIFA OR ESL they all want money if it was not nothing would be worrying for anyone

  10. If the super league truly believes it can benefit the larger footballing hours mid with greater funds, it needs to show the breakup. I’m certain if the local federations receive more money from the Super league than from UEFA for their needs, the local federations will have a rethink.

  11. So the richest want more money so they can keep draining talent from all the average clubs in Europe.. and we are supposed to want that? The same industry that made the bigger clubs big, can build a new generation of big clubs. Let them leave and become globe trotters for the money.

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