jue. Oct 28th, 2021

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The UK government have backed plans to host the 2030 World Cup in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland. Boris Johnson has also offered to hold more Euro 2020 games.

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33 comentarios en «UK & Ireland 2030 World Cup bid backed by government»
  1. Given the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, it would be a very good idea if more matches in the Euro 22 tournament were played in one country to reduce the need to travel. With the vaccine rollout meaning that the majority of people in Britain having already or very soon to be vaccinated, the 4 nations of the UK and the Republic of Ireland as well, would be the most ideal venues. Of course, other nations would equally be good at hosting more games but their populations are less vaccinated than Britain’s.

  2. Mexican here with a serious question. My country will host the 2026 World Cup along with the United States and Canada, and we all automatically qualified as independent nations to the tournament, therefore reducing the amount of Concacaf teams that will be able to qualify. In the event that the UK & Ireland bid is successful, would you be ok with a "Team GB" like in the olympics?? Or do you think independence is non-negotiable and Scotland or Wales for instance would need to play as independent nations?
    I feel like this might be a deal-breaker for UEFA if all nations insist to be automatically qualified since it would take a lot of spots from other European nations. This could work in favor of the Spain & Portugal bid because the stadium infrastructure is similar (albeit the UK's is superior) but they would only take up two berths. At least the 4 UK nations would have to combine into a Team GB to remain competitive in that regard, with Ireland as the only "independent" one. I hope someone reads this lol because it's a very interesting topic.

  3. i dont believe that morocco and algeria and tunisia can host a world cup as they have other problems of their like hunger water etc you get the point, i can possibly see the south americans taking the choice of this as they have the most success in international competitions in the world out of the people who have bidded however i dont believe it will all be accesavle and wouldnt be ideal due to the geographical landscape however brazil came over this, if Romania serbia greece amd bulgaria win it then there will be racism all over the newspapers you dont even have to second guess it and even then greece is in a somewhat economic crisis and overall isnt a great place to host IMO, however the biuggest contenders with us would be spain and portugal as they all have the facilities to host usuallly to well in international competitions yet it is such a wide space to fill so my conclusion is that if england dont win this then FIFA is still rigged just like the Qatar world cup taking place next year IN THE WINTER which blows my mind especially being from the uk imagine the scenes its pissing down with rain its 2 degrees its just terrible i dont care what u say also it will interupt most if not all major leagues in the world and it disappoints me that they were chosen due to money and corruption.

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