lun. Nov 29th, 2021

A little tongue in cheek but funny none the less.


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50 comentarios en «American Reacts to 25 Areas In Which the United Kingdom Totally Triumphs Over the United States»
  1. The BBC is dying. A long time ago it was wonderful. Now it is no better than CNN or MSNBC. They charge an annual TV license fee of £160 ($226) . Everyone is now not paying because of the wokeness, pc and no comedy anymore, constant repeats but with all the good bits taken out. The good comedians are are not broadcasted and are found live ( if the venues will host them, often NOT because of threats) or online only. The BBC is connected financially to the EU the WEF, UN, Bill Gates, George Soros and other nefarious characters/organisations. Oh, i almost forgot corruption, spreading fear, scaring people, lying, cancelling, threats, covering up for pedophiles and promoting marxism. That is the real BBC. Thanks Squirrel, lots of love over here in the UK!
    PS. Try `Armstrong and Miller` and `Fry and Laurie` two great sketch shows from the `90s.
    Best from sunny Shropshire, England. 😉

  2. I remember visiting the USA when I was about 11 so a long while ago, and wondering why there were so many ad breaks. And the medicine advert with this happy dancing woman while the voiceover was saying really nasty side effects 😂

  3. You can tell this is an old video. The BBC has annoyed so many in the past 5 years with its anti British stance (ironic considering what the first B in its name stands for), its unlikely to exist in its current form in another 5 years.

  4. The Football/baskeball one is funny. America doesn't loose at it because no one else really plays it. The same with NFL and NHL. Aside from Canada, no one really plays it. It's like saying the USA sucks at Cricket. Of course they do because most of the country dont even know the rules let alone play it professionaly. Theres a reason a country as small as New Zealand is the best in the world at Rugby, because it's the only country where it is the national sport and literally every child here plays it. Growing up in England I didn't even know the rules of Rugby.

  5. BBC is agenda driven shite. People can end up in jail for watching TV without paying the BBC. As said, US media in the main part is horrific. They hold themselves in comically high regard as well. I get my news from the Reuters website, its about as good as you can get. There is a new news channel starting up here in the Uk, GBnews , Yet to see how it is, but at it's head is Andrew Neil, arguably the finest Journalist in the UK today. Complaining, is about how you do it, well, it is to me , I used to be a complaints "fixer" for a big utility and you knew when someone had a proper gripe, as against a professional complainer , just trying to get a discount on their bill. As for the NHS, if it was not used as a political football by the left , it would be a great institution, as it is, it can be very inefficient. Looking at sports, We have rugby, Game over. Why it is not big in the US puzzles me, American football is boring , Rugby is 80 minutes of poetry, and mayhem. Check out some of the Rugby videos.

  6. James Naismith the inventor of Basketball was Canadian. Created as a less injury prone sport to football and to keep athletes fit by playing an indoor sport during winter months.
    2 fruit baskets nailed either end of a gym balcony, a soccer ball and 13 rules.

  7. The French are like our brother.
    We hate him, we love him.
    We challenge each other and become better because of it, we cooperate and become better because of it.
    It's similar to the Japanese rival stereotype.

  8. The bbc are payed for by the public and are run by Labour politics and people who hate the queen and has over payed celebrity wind bags on it. It is an absolute bloody disgrace and should be obliterated. His view is wrong on that one, you get far better news on other channels.

  9. Suppose it depends on where in the uk on the complaints thing i'm scottish and they will rip you to bits with words for a genuine reason but at the same times (just from seeing vids) americans seem to freak out over little things with no real reason to it so yeah 🤷‍♂️

  10. Add On – Pennies (being 1/240 of an old British Sterling Pound, now just 1/100), in the USA they should be referred to as 'Cents' – Why Not ? Taxes in the UK are taken from your wages before you see your pay. The Annual Threshold (minimum before Income tax is applied), currently at £12,500 per year, earning more than that you incur tax at 20% up tp earnings of £40,000-ish when tax increases up to 40%, it increases again after that. However National Insurance (another tax applies from any earnings, but not for pensioners – who have already paid during their working lives), thus from starting work until the 'threshold' is reached you are taxed only once, after which two taxes apply – providing one is earning enough, until when a person retires. State pension is paid 13 times a year from that point, every 28 days, taxable of course.

  11. #16 Cops – From the early (London East End), Constabulary founded by Sir Robert Peel (hence 'Bobbies'), which gained Royal approval from King William 4th (IV),, who had a Copper band with WIVR William 4th Regina), engraved on the Wooden Stave (early truncheon – no guns), they carried, hence Coppers, reduced to Cops. The US has Feds, Sheriffs, etc – but NO Cops EVER, in the US – Amusing eh.

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