mar. Jun 15th, 2021

Watch all the highlights from the Round 12 clash with Collingwood at Adelaide Oval.

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17 comentarios en «Highlights: R12 v Collingwood»
  1. With the amount of unwarranted crap the Pies have been receiving mainly from the footy media throughout the last few weeks, a win was needed.

    Cudos to the Crows, but Pies had it harder AND unlike the Crows followed Covid protocol.

  2. 5:43 Theres the game right there, was out of bounds by a mile, i had a perfect view from where i was in the crowd, not called, goal Collingwood. Yet another game decided by umpires.

  3. With such a young and inexperienced team you have to expect highs and lows.
    We beat teams that we wouldn’t be expected to win , and we lose to teams when we should’ve won.
    Collingwood have copped a lot of crap from the media in the past few weeks and clearly wanted it more than the crows. It was a good game bar the loss and lack of skills from both teams.
    Hopefully we’ll be back bigger, better and stronger after the break

  4. How come we are accurate one week and boom we are missing some of the easiest shots on goal the next couple of weeks it’s so fucking annoying watching 3 hours of complete shit house kicking
    Edit: at 5:43 how more out of bounds could that be

  5. Like a politician get paid for dishing up crap on us fans . When is enough ,enough off this , come on coach show us who is the boss off this . AFC . Common the Crows winners are grinners loosers please themselves, need to prove you are winners .

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