mar. Jun 15th, 2021

Is this Southgate’s secret?

INCREDIBLE unseen footage released today shows the England squad training with the Royal Marines.

England boss Gareth Southgate whisked the team away last year for a weekend roughing it in the woods with battle-hardened Commando.

The incredible 48 hours has been credited for forging a new sense of togetherness that has carried England’s history boys to their first World Cup semi-final in a generation.

Southgate, 47, revealed how he stripped his squad of their phones for TWO days and forced them to wear fatigues during the training weekend in June.

The young team were put through their paces by elite Marine PT instructors helping to bond the squad.

Southgate said: «I wanted everyone to get to know each other better.

«They all wore Royal Marine uniform so there was no hierarchy.

«We all camped together and no one had a better tent than anyone else.»

Gareth told of how Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling and Co became «emotional» at having shared the same experiences as the battle-hardened troops.

He said: «We had some really powerful conversations with the Marines.

«And what it meant for those guys to represent Queen and country.

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25 comentarios en «England squad trained with Royal Marines for the World Cup»
  1. Although football players and soldiers/marines are both fit, we still can see the difference from both of them… from their looks, their facial structure and posture are still different… fascinating

  2. Royal marines are beasts. But for all the retarded kids out there thinking they should earn as much as these footballers are absolutely ridiculous. It takes much much more to become a footballer than a marine. There are hundreds of thousands professional footballers around the world, and all of them are elite athlete with a certain amount of talents however only few of them are playing at an international level. Let alone not to talk about the other millions of footballers who wanted to become pro but been rejected and labeled as not good enough. And here, all men in this video are best of the best footballers. Millions people watches them play day in and day out, all the fans in the stand, all the sponsorship they have and all the betting on who wins or not, they are earning what they deserved. So please stop moaning about this bs again.

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