mar. Jun 15th, 2021

American Reacts to Funniest Football Chants in England. Reacting to the funniest football chants in England. The chants are quite hilarious, maybe not for the players or people they are directed at, but hearing these chants shows a distinct difference in US and English football chants.

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  1. Saville was a hugely popular pop tv presenter who after his death it came to light that he ‘d been a sexual predator. to teenage girls going to the BBC studios to be part of the live audience on Top Of The Pops,

  2. I bet it happens on the rare occasion once in a blue moon but can you imagine American fans singing and chanting like us English? Imagine American fans chanting about a player's scandal while they're playing or something.

  3. Didn't hear my favourite.. to the tune My Bonnie lies over the ocean

    If I had the wings of a sparrow, If I had the a#@e of a crow I'd fly over (insert opponents city/town) tomorrow and sh*t on the people below

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