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  1. As an IT contractor I’ve worked alongside civil servants in my earlier career, their jobs are cushy, they’re quite often inadequate, incompetent and they are often unbelievably laid back, slow, lazy or off sick.

  2. I'm sure using the police to guard Anti-lockdown marches and watching them pick fights with peaceful protesters , throwing them to the ground and beating them about the head is a far better use of public tax-payers money than deal with machete carrying thugs

  3. The News item on this still talking about the Indian Variant. A video came out 2 days ago from a Indian TV News stating the Indian Government says there is NO Indian Variant- it never existed to begin with – the WHO says the same, but as long as the public don't hear it, the UK Government can still use the variant as an excuse to prolong or create any further lock downs

  4. The thing about your medical information being passed to other s is very strange, if they have your records they have your nhs number, date of birth and post code, also even if you opt out they have been given the right to your information to do research on covid, so either way they can know whatever they want about you.

  5. I had to fast forward because Rentoul talks such rubbish, the NHS is swimming in cash. I should have realised "chief political commentator" for the bloody useless Independent. It worked really well until those nasty tories took over from nice, benevolent Gordon Brown

  6. I agree with a lot of what is said by Sebastian Gorka but please do not romanticise MT, I also grew up in West London in the 80's with teachers constantly in short supply and on strike, progressive teaching methods and a lack of teachers. She certainly wasn't all bad but she certainly wasn't perfect either.

  7. YouGov poll shows greens in third place at 9%. Clearly Labour is rapidly losing its middle class vote to the greens just as it lost the working class to the conservatives. Soon they will be on 6% like the LibDems, and just as relevant.

  8. Mike is the only one in the UK who doesn't suffer TDS. One journalist in the entire UK. One who is open enough to criticize Trump and (this is the unique part) praises him when he has got it right. One. All the rest were and are DemParty cheerboys-and-girls. the MSM is pathetic.

  9. I wish people would stop saying businesses have been damaged by the pandemic. They have been damaged by the unnecessary lockdown. If half their staff were killed by the virus then they could say businesses have been destroyed by covid but that is not the case.

  10. Sebastian, learn a bit more about where energy comes from. Fossil fuel plant generated electricity is now more expensive than solar. Many already charge their cars overnight from battery stored electricity generated by solar. It will take some time to replace fossil generation but it is commercially suicide to think you can't move away. Just a 100 square miles of solar can power the whole of the USA, that is something tithing about.

  11. Rather pointless taking those jabs for a holiday wasn't it.
    There will be carnage amongst all the vaccinated this late autumn and winter when Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) or Pathogenic Priming for SARS-CoV-2 kicks in.
    Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site in the UK
    COVID-19 Vaccine Analysis Overview
    Report run date: 26/05/2021
    Manufacturer Total reports Total reactions Total fatalities
    AstraZeneca 188,589 695,214 831
    Moderna 2,469 7,014 4
    Pfizer 64,450 183,752 396
    Unspecified 716 2,216 22
    Totals 256,224 888,196 1,253

  12. 21st June was always a no go knew that months ago its lies now Indian varisnt has mutated into smallpox and everybody is hiding. They should stop spreading lies. Unvaccinated people and kids are not spreading Covid! Sick people are. Those sick people live in poor areas like mine where they are forced to go to work as they cannot work from home despite coughing and sneezing, and to earn money they have else they are sacked and get less work. Its a job issue. Many cannot work from home like middle classes. People vaccinated and unvaccinated are forced into jobs with no distancing and catching things thats how most of my family caught it, the government have lied throughout this! We all knew 21st June was rubbish gave people false hope, Sage scientists are basket cases one even said 2 jabs and people only 66% protected with Indian variant now 🤦‍♂️🙄

  13. John Rentoil is a complete prick , he loves the BBC he hates Brexit he lies constantly and never has figures to back up his assertions , PFI being a case in point , it’s nothing short of a payday loan system.

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