vie. Sep 24th, 2021

Sit back and enjoy the key moments from Saturday’s Semi-Final victory over AFC Bournemouth as The Bees secured themselves a spot at Wembley in next week’s Play-Off Final.

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36 comentarios en «Match Highlights: Brentford 3 AFC Bournemouth 1 (3-2 on aggregate)»
  1. I've been a Leeds fan for over 50 years and came here to see how Pontus got on.
    Good luck against Swansea because you've been consistently in the mix over the last few seasons and deserve a chance in the top flight.

  2. What was Begovic thinking. After he grabs Toney and then Toney falls over him, but just runs off, how does Toney get a booking? Bournemouth antics were dreadful, but they paid the price for negativity

  3. Can't stand it when Keepers deliberately try and block the ball / take it away from players taking it back to the half-way line…… really classless from Begovic trying to do that only 16 minutes into the game…

  4. I dont know much about Brentford, I'm a Manchester United fan. People told this game was amazing, but how tf would you actually defend like that for the first Bournemouth goal. All defenders up! Howwww! Haven't seen anything like that. Or is this how Brentford actually play? Or is the club like attack attack attack? Surprised but still congrats. Need new names in the premier league like Brentford, Barnsley

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