vie. Sep 24th, 2021

This is my story from 1983 up until 1989 of being an Asian football casual.Available NOW! See Riza Khan in the Casuals DVD
«To this day, I am glad that I followed Leicester City hooligan firm, the Baby Squad. They were good lads and I will always have time for them. I truly believe that our era broke down a lot of barriers. People saw you for the first time as who you were, not judging you by the colour of your skin or by your religion. It was difficult at first because of racism, but we broke down those walls by being part of a firm that wreaked havoc both at Filbert Street and away from it.

We were part of the ‘English disease’, but I have to tell you that there is hope at the end of a dark tunnel. People can change and turn their lives around to make a positive impact on society.»

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