vie. Sep 24th, 2021

A special look at Tom Hawkins’ match winning goal in the 2012 AFL thriller against the Hawthorn Football Club.

Feature includes interviews with Geelong legends including Joel Selwood, Andrew Mackie, Mitch Duncan, Steve Johnson and Tom Hawkins

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27 comentarios en «Hawkins After The Siren Goal | Cats v Hawks, 2012 | Geelong Football Club»
  1. Fair Bloody Dinkum, Tom Hawkins is a fabulous footballer, he's like a big predator in the forward line. And he's smart in the ruck and gets the ball to players in better positions. He's a champion.

  2. I had a bunch of squarkers a few rows back behind me on this day.
    All day, all you could hear from 'em was haaawww. . . . . thorn, haaawww. . . . . thorn.
    After Tom kicked that goal, I turned around to 'em and told them that they had got the chant wrong the whole day. It should've been Haaawwwkkkiiiinnnnsss, Haaawwwkkkiiiinnnnsss.
    They couldn't say jack shit. They were dumbfounded. It was bloody priceless.

  3. The greatest sport in the world is soccer (football to the rest of the world). Every country worships at the altar of soccer. Every country loves soccer!! This game however means nothing outside of Australia.. Soccer is enourmous in every country and is the way of life for trillions of people across the planet. Soccer will be the number 1 sport in Australia before the end of this century, and it will be the number 1 sport in every country before 2500 A. D.

  4. R u pussycats still going on about a game that didnt matter , never seen a team celebrate so hard and carry on for a game that wasnt a grand final fuck it wasnt even a final, going by the celebrations u would have thought it was a grand final win like the one the hawks made count in 08 and in13 and 14 all against the cats and all finals something to celebrate not like this game but i dont blame you cause you dont have any worthy finals wins agains the MIGHTY HAWKS NOW DO YOU.

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