vie. Sep 24th, 2021

From Serie A title hopefuls and seven-time Champions League winners AC Milan to Premier League top four contenders Leicester City, HITC Sevens takes a look at a number of huge football clubs with smaller total wage bills than the amount El Mundo claims Barcelona pay Lionel Messi alone.

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36 comentarios en «7 Football Clubs With Smaller Wage Bills Than Messi's Salary»
  1. No player is worth that amount of wages no matter how good he thinks he is. Its people like him that make the wage structure a joke for other players. I'll tell you this no player would ever earn that much in the Premier league, Spain is stupid paying that sort of money, I suppose LaLiga has got to stay relevant some how!!

  2. The most ironic part of that Ajax "both have never made it past the semis in that time, with only one semifinal appearance each" statistic, is that for both clubs, that semifinal appearance was in 2018-19, and both teams gave up 3-goal aggregate leads in the second leg against English clubs to miss out on the final!

    Ajax was leading 2-0 at home after winning the away leg 1-0, gave up three second half goals to Tottenham- all scored by Lucas Moura- to miss out on the final, and of course, Barcelona famously lost 4-0 to Liverpool at Anfield after winning the first leg 3-0! Yes, those both happened in the same year in the exact same semifinal round, just one day apart from one another!

  3. There has never been a greater since the burial of Jesus fuck around with Messi ure catch all the virniral deisies Messi smash defences to pieces deliver masterfull balls with the power of telechanisis.

  4. He isn't worth it. They're paying him more than most clubs that are comfortably competing with them. This is exactly the stupid kind of decision that has got them where they are financially, and why they're at risk of failing.

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