mar. Abr 20th, 2021

UK tabloid the Mirror has used the traditional Russian festival of ‘Maslenitsa’, celebrated during the last week before Lent, as part of a “shock investigation” into Russian football hooliganism.


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28 comentarios en «UK tabloid distorts traditional Russian pancake festival into ‘Ultra’ football thug fights»
  1. RT should be canned! What you call pancake day (you got it right by mentioning "maslenitsa") is the traditional Russian Mardi Gras and it never historically had anything to do with hooliganism or street violence. It did have a lot to do with the consumption of too much vodka. RT is making a story where there is none. Freakin IDIOTIC bull! You are part of the media that you demonize.

  2. The media have all way's worked this way were just waking up to it now well most people i was woken by the 80,s and was only 10 year old in 81 the miners strike and other stuff woke me up what you were told by people there was never how the media portrayed it .IT was all way's the miners fault never the police or government and through freedom of information act now today we know the police were putting plain clothed police and shill's to start trouble so the riot police and horses could come in and smash fuck out people and they did.

  3. just looking at the title and the first image not interested in the content
    looks like when you distort marine le pen as being a credible candidate lol
    you wanna play in the big boys team now

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