mar. Abr 20th, 2021

Liverpool FC have made a request to trademark the word «Liverpool».

The club said the application has been made to protect fans from fake goods.

Some independent teams, including the City of Liverpool FC, are concerned about how it will affect them.

Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are among clubs who have trademarked their names successfully.

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Por BBC News

30 comentarios en «Liverpool FC: Can a football club trademark its city's name? – BBC News»
  1. They can trademark their name Liverpool FC, but attempting to trademark Liverpool alone to punish anyone who uses the city's name in the general context of football would be crossing a line imo. Not sur ehow these clubs work, but it seems more like an attempt to squash any other Liverpool football club than dealing with 'counterfeiters'.

  2. This is getting embarrassing – first 'Allez, allez, allez', now this, they won some pointless football trophies, where has this massively dickhead ego suddenly come from?

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