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ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe sheds some light on the struggles of Barcelona and other La Liga teams in Europe this season. Lowe points out the financial struggles plaguing Spanish soccer, saying there is a real worry in Spain that leagues like the Premier League and the Bundesliga are widening the gap financially from La Liga.

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50 comentarios en «Why Barcelona, Real Madrid & Atletico Madrid would welcome a European Super League | ESPN FC»
  1. Best bet is to sack koeman and make Garcia pimienta as our head coach, what has koeman done to transition this team? He’s been abandoning la Masia talents and when he gets the chance to start pique he ditches Mingueza and Araujo? We need a real transition and Garcia pimienta knows la Masia better than anyone. He’s been climbing the ranks since 2015 and he’s in 3rd place in the group despite having losing monchu and many players due to injuries. Would be the best especially if Laporte and Overmars come in it would be a great step in the right direction to finally believe in la Masia. The Real Madrid and Chelsea model hasn’t worked for Barcelona and never will what they need to do is stick to their roots which made them great in the first place.

  2. Since there’s no money for haaland… next season they should just get every free player… alaba, memphis, wijnaldum, garcia, sell griez and coutinho! Individually they might not be iniesta level, they are, however, a better mix of physicality and technique!

    In big games vs stronger teams:

    memphis messi

    Alba. De jong. Wijnaldum. Dest

    Alaba. Garcia. Araujo

    Ter stegen

    Vs smaller teams:

    Fati messi dembele


    Pedri. De jong

    Alaba. Garcia araujo. Dest

    Ter stegen

  3. would stop following football all together if some bs like this happens we already have the perfect setup & I would get rid of the Europa & Europa Conference competition as they reward being failures

    FIFA Club World Cup
    Continental Cup
    Domestic League
    Domestic Open

    Only four trophies should be up for grabs every year forget all the other bs

  4. City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United and one more English team for the English slots

    Atleti, Barcelona, Madrid and one more Spanish team for the Spanish slots

    Juve, Inter, Milan and one more team from Italy for the Italian slots

    Bayern, Dortmund and Leipzig from Germany

    Porto/Benefica from Portugal

    Imagine these teams in the Super League 🔥

  5. Barcelona young players
    Ansu – LW
    Trincao – RW
    Dembele – RW
    Puig – CM
    De Jong – CM
    Moriba – CM
    Pedri – CM
    Junior – LB
    Araujo – CB
    Mingueza – CB
    Dest – RB
    Pena – GK
    ( Alena – CM , Emerson – RB , Co- tridibo – CB )
    And last but not in list Garcia – CB
    Top class young star's 😗

  6. Watching the Dortmund Sevilla game I wouldn't be too secure about Dortmund in the second leg as Sevilla completely outplayed Dortmund in the second half…. and also did well in the first half except for not knowing how to deal with Haaland, which they basically came around to in the second half by completely stunting their offense.

  7. I find it irresponsible of Sid to say Spanish sides are pushing for the Super League without mentioning that it's Juventus' president, Agnelli, that has been preaching this to clubs at ECA meetings for years. He's the main protagonist of it. For someone who's lived in Spain for so long and claims to love our football, he goes an awfully long distance throw mud at us and make it look like we're the flag bearers of things we didn't promote. Stop trying to pin the Super League on us to benefit yourself. We may have clubs interested now, but we were NOT the pursuers of it. Juve were.

  8. Ya sid is talking real because he is professional, but lets face it.. without moreno + Stevie + Craig, the show is boring.. because they give us exactly the "friend points of view" instead of being a professional and boring.

  9. I say let them die, we're not gonna destroy European football just to save a few teams from their financial problems because make no mistake about it, if this European Super League happens its gonna be the end of world football.

  10. The day Uefa decides to get rid of the Champions league and have a European league with just the 15-20 rich clubs who are automatically in it every year, i will be turn away from football, Money is fucking greedy

  11. Since 2000 Spain have won 10 CL and 10 Europa cups England have won 4 CL 4 Europa despite the huge advantage of the cash rich foreign owned PL clubs with the huge tv deals worth billions their attempt to totally dominate world football has failed the FA &PL have tried to basically kill of all other European domestic leagues and still are,the post mortem of Spanish football is a bit premature I feel dream on idiots

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