vie. Sep 24th, 2021

Sid Lowe joins Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to provide the latest details behind Atlético Madrid decision to terminate Spanish striker Diego Costa’s contract this week. Lowe reveals that while Diego Simeone and Atleti let Costa leave amicably for his unrevealed personal reasons, it his highly likely that the 32-year-old will pay a hefty price if he ends up at a direct competitor of the Spanish club in either La Liga or the UEFA Champions League.

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38 comentarios en «Is Diego Costa set for Inter Milan after contract ended by Atlético Madrid? | ESPN FC»
  1. He won't go to Inter Milan….he was in-form and one of the most feared ST in Europe and Conte (Chelsea manager, now Inter manager) "broke-up" with him via text message. An EPL (Leicester, Wolves) or probably a Europa League team is most likely target. Another Spanish team makes no sense, when he could just "avoid" or deal with whatever it is for 6 months, getting paid a lot (200K) per week and walk away to whatever team he wants for free.

  2. Expecting Wolves to be the most likely, he's left Athletico who are title contenders because he wants to play. Chelsea, Tottenham would bench him, and he hates the IM manager. With Wolves he's guaranteed 6 months of first team. Wages are high for Wolves business model but with Jimenez out and no transfer free, they'll probably be fine to put him on a high salary.

  3. How chelsea managed to sell costa back to atletico for 57 million is astonishing. Atletico are serious boneheaded twats in transfers. Costa, morata and thomas lemar. Thats close to 175 millions in the drain

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