mar. Oct 20th, 2020

Leo Messi and Jose Mourinho had a private phone call that could change the history of football as we know it! What did Mou and Messi talk about? When did it happen? Is Messi going to Spurs? Lots of questions and all the answers are in this video

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47 comentarios en «Messi's phonecall to Mourinho when he wanted to leave FC Barcelona | Oh My Goal»
  1. Messi is a free agent from jan1 and he wishes to leave… Koeman wants salah in barca shirt (as per media reports)… Mbappe wants to leave psg.. And he was heavily linked to the kop and his admiration for Liverpool is no hidden thing…. .Hmmm 🤔…we know probably what's gonna happen…..As a Liverpool fan.. i hope Liverpool remain the team as it is now without Mo..

  2. What do you mean messi is not happy
    I know he might be sad because Suarez left but he is happy right now I dont get why oh my goal sometimes say stuff that has been expired😂😂. And not any big signings we signed 3 future young talents what are oh my goal on about😂😂. If the shit board leaves Barcelona messi will surely be more than happy.

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